Bravo Academy of Performing Arts

Our Story.

Began in 2017, Bravo Academy of Performing Arts aims to provide performers of all ages a safe place to pursue an education in the performing arts. Drew Rosene has made it his mission to create a conservatory-style training program for Tulsa's youth. After training in the performing arts for 25 years and following his dreams to New York City, he has returned to offer the community a truly professional experience, taking Bravo to the next level, offering courses in Production, Design, and Writing, alongside the standard performance offerings. In this new day and age of theatre and the performing arts, Rosene believes it is as essential for the next generation to know how to craft and build sets and props as it is to sing, dance, and act. Teaching the next generation a variety of skills that they will face in their careers in the performing arts.



Bravo's Next Phase.

With a new direction in sight, Bravo has expanded our vision and begun a whole new journey to bring a truly professional training program to Tulsa.

With our conservatory-style training program, students are encouraged to focus as much of their after school time toward training and rehearsals, with clear and focused goals set in place.

Through Bravo's Three Tenets of the Performing Arts, students will be taught how to use their natural talents and skills to the best of their abilities.



The Three Tenets of the Performing Arts.



Grace of Body and Grace of Character. It is not enough to move beautifully through the world. One must exist beautifully in the world.



Education and truth. Nothing is as it seems. We have to dig deep to get to the truth.



Putting yourself in another's shoes and seeing the world through their eyes.


Mission Statement

Bravo Academy of Performing Arts is a family focused, professional conservatory style environment where through training and education in the Performing Arts students can feel confident and well-versed in their performance abilities. We offer professional training in Production, Acting, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, and Voice. We believe that the arts can make a positive difference in student’s lives by instilling a strong work ethic, cultivating confidence, and bringing out their inner performer. Through Bravo's Three Tenets of the Performing Arts, Grace, Knowledge, and Empathy, we will explore what makes a truly great performer and challenge our students to rise to the highest level of their capabilities.

Our weekly specialized classes are segmented into several categories of the arts, giving each student a well-rounded lesson in the performing art of their choice. Visit our classes now.

Teachers and Staff

Bravo Academy of Performing Arts always strives to bring our students the opportunity to work with the best talent Tulsa has to offer. Our staff continues to work professionally in and beyond the Tulsa-area and we support all of our teachers and staff in their pursuit of a career in the Performing Arts.


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